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Network Simulation Platforms for Fiber Optic Equipment Testing

As the use of fiber optic equipment in communications systems continues to grow worldwide, network simulation testing has become vitally important for vendors seeking to integrate their equipment in the field.

In the past, many engineers and technicians were satisifed by using spools of optical fiber that were exposed and sitting out on the test bench. This practice, although usually working for a short period of time, generally leads to a number of issues that cost users both time and money.

Potential Issues of Using Exposed Fiber Spools

  • Bare optical fiber is easily damaged when exposed in the work environment
  • Extra care must be used when moving spools or risk damage to the fiber
  • Spools take up valuable workspace, especially in large facilities at vendors performing network simulation testing frequently
With the production/use of specialty optical fibers (carrying a higher cost) on the rise and more budget restrictions, engineers must be wary of these issues. Fortunately, by purchasing an affordable network simulation platform, users can eliminate all the above issues, while making their fiber optic test routines much easier.

Types of Fiber Optic Network Simulation Platforms

Today, there are a variety of affordable network simulation platforms available in the marketplace. Both portable enclosures for single spools, and rack-mount enclosures for multiple-spools (and longer distances) are available. In addition, most are custom built exactly to customer specification, offering a vareity of optical fiber types, lengths, and connectors. Lastly, these plaforms offer testing stability and better organize the entire workspace.

Multi-spool w/ 100km Optical Fiber

Single Spool w/ 25km Optical Fiber

With optical fiber being extremely valuable for network simulation tesing, it only makes sense to protect the fiber and fortunately that is easily accomplished.

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